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9 Resume Mistakes that Could be Detrimental!

Standout-CV has created a great infographic Called “The 9 Deadliest CV/Resume Mistakes” that shows common mistakes that could be costing us our interview! Whether we are trying to land a job at a fast food restaurant or a multi-billion dollar company, we all could learn from this! Evaluation Hire


  1. Having an unprofessional email address
  2. Using meaningless cliches and buzzwords (i.e. creative, hardworking team player, results-driven, etc.)
  3. Using a graph to display your skills
  4. Including a photograph (unless requested)
  5. Being too long
  6. Having unexplained employment gaps
  7. Making grammar and spelling mistakes
  8. Using elaborate fonts
  9. Having big chunks of text

The 9 Deadliest CV Mistakes